The story begins from Tuscany, where in one of the regions produced the highest ( best) red wine Chianti Gallo Nero. Here the origin of the name of our restaurant, as well as the place of origin of our ideological inspirer Francesco.


Born and raised in Arezzo, a small town in the heart of Tuscany, Francesco arrived in Barcelona in 2007 bringing with him the passion and tradition for his land.

For many years Francesco worked in many bars and restaurants plunged completely into this business. But all the time carried in his head a little dream. And a few years later decided to make it come true.  He made known to many people the typical Tuscan products but above all his special schiacciata born from a secret family recipe that Francesco jealously guards


Francesco doesn’t stop and wants more people to know the real authentic Tuscan cuisine , so at the moment 2 restaurants are already open and another one will open soon! Stay tuned 😉