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The place where you can taste the best Tuscany sandwich in Barcelona!
Since 2019 Francesco has brought his love for Tuscany to Barcelona, conquering the palate of the many people who live or travel in Barca thanks to the exceptional ingredients and the freshly baked Tuscan schiacciata!
Considered one of the best Italian food experiences in Barcelona by Vanidad magazine, we welcome you to try those same ingredients, freshly baked bread and authentic wine that only in Tuscany can you find.
Enjoy your meal!

Her Majesty

When bitten, it releases a sense of total satisfaction, given by the intense taste of extra virgin olive oil, mixed with the flavor of salt, which blend with the external crunchiness with the softness of its internal heart.
The best flatbread in Barcelona, born from an ancient secret recipe jealously guarded by Francesco.
Impossible to resist the many combinations available on our menu.

Only quality products from non-industrial farms.

Francesco selects every single product and raw material that comes directly from Tuscany.
This ensures that the products we offer are of the highest quality and have been carefully designed to meet the needs of our customers.
Today the choice of a correct diet is especially important for those who suffer from food intolerances, and this is why the Gallo Nero cured meats are totally gluten-free and therefore listed in the celiac disease handbook.

The chain of production for organic products starts with the agriculture. Our animals are pastured and fed on lands free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers where the entire process of farming is carried out with complete respect for a natural cultivation and for the environment.

From these meats, we create our organic products: Tuscan Salami, Finocchiona, Prosciutto, Speck, Coppa, Guanciale, Mortadella and Porchetta, absolutely without preservatives.

"The most authentic Italian restaurants
in Spain (certified by an Italian)"